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28 – The Bermuda Triangle & Bohemian Grove

Resources for The Bermuda Triangle

Here‘s where you can learn about those terrifying cloud bombs and here‘s where you can do a little more learning about the mysterious location’s history.

PS: You should watch this episode of The X-Files:

Resources for Bohemian Grove

Here’s the Wiki filled with what we ‘really’ know about Bohemian Grove and the article where I got all my info on the spooky shit that may or may not be true about the secret society. This article by the Washington Post gives a little more information on attempted and successful infiltrations. HERE’s that article about someone who’s summer job was to work at Bohemian Grove. 

As promised, here’s that video of the Cremation of Care:

Also, something we forgot to mention, which is pretty funny, is that Bohemian Grove only has a 3-star rating.

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