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34 – Montauk Monster & Edgar Allan Poe’s Death

We try to figure out what kind of creature washed up in New York and who (or what) killed a famous writer.

Resources for the Montauk Monster

Remember this thing!? We still have no idea what the creature actually was. And it’s not alone.

Resources for Edgar Allan Poe’s Death

Here’s his obituary, written by his nemesis Griswold (under a pseudonym). This is a blog post about Edgar the time traveler, and here is a good article that explains each theory on how he died.

I was going to find a picture of Edgar Allen Poe in the style of Tim Burton just to be funny, but then I found this actual picture of Tim Burton pretending to be Edgar Allen Poe so… this is what you get. At least he’s really living the dream of all the kids who buy his shirts at Hot Topic?

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