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44 – America’s Dyatlov Pass Incident & Jane Stanford’s Murder

We try to figure out what happened to five grown men in California and who killed the co-founder of Stanford University. 

Resources for America’s Dyatlov Pass Incident

You can read more about the disappearance of these five men by clicking here and here. What do YOU think happened to them?

Resources for Jane Stanford’s Murder

Here’s the wiki for David Starr Jordan and for Jane Stanford.  Here’s an article about Jane’s murder and the cover up with a lively comment section.  And HERE is an article about the Stanford geologist who just happened to die a few days after his book came out (the one that links the murder of Jane Stanford to like, all of the conspiracy theories).

As a sidenote, I found this neat little remix of MEN who also speak with the GODDAMN VOCAL FRY so, you know, stop making a big deal about how women talk…

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