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46 – Krampus & The Christmas Ghost Hunt

We get festive af by telling each other about historic holiday “traditions” of the weird variety.

Resources for Krampus

You can read about the mythology of Krampus here. And if you click this, you can read those hilarious Yule Lad names again.

Resources for The Christmas Ghost Hunt

Here’s where I got the full story about the Hunt for the Hackney Ghost. Here I found that it was also reported in another place and below is a neat little newspaper snippet illustrating the event:

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  1. Mark January 25, 2018

    Phantasmic episode! Be sure to check out some of the South Texas ghost stories like “The Donkey Lady”, “Club Foot” also thenamesake of a legendary Austin music venue) and especially “The Tracks” which you can experience first hand!

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