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49 – Lake City Quiet Pills & The Bandage Man

We try to wrap our heads around a website for alleged assassins and a spooky, smelly tale from Oregon.  

Resources for Lake City Quiet Pills

Here’s a whole subreddit dedicated to the mystery. Here’s a GREAT article about it, which is where I’m getting all my pictures, and the only way to view it is through the wayback machine. And here’s a pretty comprehensive Reddit post where the investigation lives on.  Below are pictures of the original Reddit post announcing old Milo’s death, a screenshot of the cryptic messages that were found on the website and the photos from Interpol of possible suspects in a murder some thing was related to the lake city quiet pills website.

Resources for The Bandage Man

That illustration almost makes him seem… adorable? It was drawn by a guy named Dylan Tanner to go with this awesome story. Read more about The Bandage Man from Cannon Beach by clicking here and here.

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  1. Melanie Porter November 15, 2018

    I wrote that article you linked from the wayback! I’m glad the time it took to research all that was a benefit to someone <3

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