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53 – The Rajneesh Movement & Sasquatch Kidnappings

We get extra ridiculous trying to tell each other about a wild Oregon cult and people getting abducted by Bigfoot. 


The Rajneesh Movement

Here’s a wikipedia entry that will send you down a rabbit hole of related articles. Here’s where I heard about Arianna Huffington being “allegedly” involved in the cult. Here and here are a couple of the “I reported on this first back in the day and here’s what the documentary left out!” articles. AND BELOW IS THE TRAILER FOR THE NETFLIX DOCUMENTARY:

Sasquatch Kidnappings

Poor Albert Ostman. Wait, JK, he had a GREAT time with this captors. That’s ^ his story in the newspaper back in 1957. Here‘s where I got most of my other examples from.

You should watch Willow Creek even though I spoiled it for you! It’s spoopy as heck.

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