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55 – Exorcism by Phone & Witchcraft in Sports

We go over the technological advances of exorcising demons & examples of spells and rituals in the history of sports.


Resources for Exorcism by Phone

This is the main article about the exorcism seminar with several quotes, including the guy who does it over the phone. Here’s the article about the priest who’s done so many exorcisms, I said “hundreds” in the episode, it was actually 6,000! Here’s some more information about exorcisms from that reliable, totally real news source: The Sun.  And also, ASHLEY WAS RIGHT! The exorcist was based on a real exorcism. Also, here’s an online guide to exorcism, although remember, only a priest can really exorcise someone (apparently, and according to the Catholic tradition).

Resources for Witchcraft in Sports

Photo found by: Ariana Lenarsky

Just look at how badass Robota is up there. She’s our new queen.

Drawing: Cecilia Ruiz

You can read more about the entire football/soccer team that was killed by lightning here.

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  1. Camping dhanaulti May 2, 2018

    While travelling on lower Himalayas of indian state of uttrakhand, I came across many villages where exorcism has practice existed for centuries. In one Village near marora pul, I got the opportunity to experince this in front of eyes and that’s not more than just a superstition, those priests have propagated and profoundly embedded in the minds of people.

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