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59 – The Disappearance of Bobby Dunbar & Circleville’s Letter Writer

We shock each other with strange tales about missing children and creepy stalkers.


Resources for The Disappearance of Bobby Dunbar

Here’s the wiki article that, of course has everything you need to know. And here is another article with some interesting tidbits. HERE is the This American Life episode with interviews and everything. Also, look! A picture of Bobby and “Bobby” before and after going missing from a paper in 1914:

Resources for Circleville’s Letter Writer

If you’d like to read even more details about the creepy letters sent to Mary and the rest of the residents of this small Ohio town, click here and here.

Also, you should watch the episode of Drunk History about this which also talks about DB Cooper and it’s all in the style of Unsolved Mysteries. Just… amazing.

Thanks again to our friends at Archie McPhee for all the goodies they sent us. Go listen to their podcast and the next time you’re in Seattle, stop by their store.

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