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60 – The Bone Wars & Kurt Cobain’s Death

We talk a bunch of shit in this one. Dinosaurs, rockstars, war, murder, conspiracy, rants… episode sixty has it all!


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Resources for The Bone Wars

Marsh (L) and Cope (R)

These fucking guys! So petty and ridiculous, but also… thanks for finding a bunch of dinosaurs? But also also… way to screw up the Brontosaurus!

Look at how silly that ^ top fossil looks! It’s totally wrong. The bottom one is the correction.

Is that the Cadborosaurus up there? Maybe! Also might be an oarfish.

Resources for Kurt Cobain’s Death

Here is a website completely dedicated to THE suicide note, which includes some theories as well. There’s also a Wikipedia page dedicated JUST to this topic. And here’s a trailer for that movie: (sidenote, I really thought that guy was him playing himself but it actually is an actor. Great casting, I guess?)

(CW: This episode mentions suicide. Sorry in advance for saying “committed” instead of “completed” / 1-800-273-8255 is the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline number here in the United States)

ALSO for our fact, this is where I found it out, and this lady talks more about it becoming a trend again and honestly, just look at the back of this jacket! Sure, the rhinestones are corny as hell and small children got cuts on their tiny fingers putting them there but it does look pretty cool…

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