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61 – New Chronology & The Tunguska Event

We confirm that time is indeed a flat circle and that everything can be traced back to The X-Files. 


Resources for New Chronology

This week my top resources are Wikipedia! Start here at New Chronology or here at Phantom Time Hypothesis and just go down the rabbit hole from there. Eventually, you’ll see everything I saw.

Resources for The Tunguska Event

via Bettman/Getty

That ^ is what the spot of the “explosion” or “impact” looked like when it happened in 1908 and below is what it looked like in 2008. Want to read more theories about what The Tunguska Event really was? Click here and here.

via resumo’s blog

And please watch The X-Files, so you can appreciate this ridiculous photo of Krycek as much as I do.

via X-Files Fakes

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  1. Daniel July 23, 2018

    I liked the conspiracy Kristy talked about on this ep., I think that sections of it could be plausible since there was a period of time in which record keeping wasn’t all that great. There is also the whole thing with history being written by the victors when it comes to people conquering and subjugating others. Unrelated to this ep., Chihuahua is spelled that way because it derives from a lost native word that the Spanish probably bastardized, and since it is Spanish, the “h” is silent.

  2. Beth July 24, 2018

    Please post it on spotify soon! I’m addicted to your podcast and am working my way through the back catalogue, but would love a new episode!

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