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63 – The Mars Effect & The Ape Canyon Attack

We find it incredibly difficult to stay on topic in this shorter episode about astrology, bigfoot history, and so much more.


Resources for The Mars Effect

Here’s where I found that weird fact about THIS serial killer and how everyone feels a connection to his astrology chart. And here’s the Wiki about the Mars Effect, and an English language article about Michel Gauquelin which is the best I can do unless you want to google-translate the German wiki article. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Also, there’s this if you’re interested in some serious statistical analysis of Gauquelin’s work.

Resources for The Ape Canyon Attack

via Severino Baraldi

Hi. Want to read a really crazy version of this story with all the extra details you could ever want? Click here or go to wikipedia or Atlas Obscura to learn more.

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