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70 – The Westfield Watcher & Machine Elves

We don’t recommend getting high before listening to this episode about a mysterious stalker, a haunted house, and the helpful creatures that may or may not live in your brain.

Resources for “The Watcher”

via Gothamist

After we recorded this episode I found another article about a friggen murder that happened down the street from this house back in the 70s! You can read about that here. For the very good interview from The Cut, click this. And for other versions of mostly the same thing: click click click.

Resources for Machine Elves

Here’s the wiki page about DMT, here’s an article about it with someone’s experience included. Here’s the Reddit thread where people talk about their experience with Machine Elves ANNNND BELOW is a video of Terrence McKenna (audio only really) describing the experience with DMT and talking about the machine elves.

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