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71 – The Hum & The Salish Sea Feet

We do shots and giggle our way through retellings of our first topics ever. Buckle up for tales about scary sounds and dismembered feet, it’s our anniversary!

OMG haven’t we covered these topics before? We have! On our very first episode. We felt we didn’t quite do these incredibly weird topics justice back then, so we switched ’em around, did more research, and found some updates to talk about for our 2 year anniversary episode. Enjoy!

Resources for The Hum

OKAY so first of all, what we all want to see, the MAP of where The Hum has been heard. Now for the resources, my primary resource is honestly, our first episode but then there’s also this reddit conversation I mentioned and THIS article that has lots of the new info about conspiracy theories and the Deming box as well. 

Resources for The Salish Sea Feet

It’s interesting how so many of the shoes are the same size or have the same look… (photo via Strange Unexplained Mysteries)

You should read this new article about the latest foot found in Oregon, plus read about the science behind this mystery over at Vox, and of course here’s Wikipedia.

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  1. Hillary Huss December 13, 2018

    Hi! I just listened to your latest episode, and at the very beginning I heard that Kristy will be visiting Greece. I have lived in Athens for a little over two years, so let me know if you need any recommendations. I would love to help! Happy Holidays

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