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72 – Christmas Witches

We get in the holiday spirit by talking about some ancient ladies from all over the world.

Resources for Gryla & Frau Perchta

Check out Curtis Hauser’s scary illustration of Gryla preparing her delicious child stew

You can read more about our hero, Gryla, here and here. This is where I got my info on the Yule Cat. And for Frau Perchta, you gotta click right here. Happy whatever you celebrate, weirdos!

Resources for Befana

via Sophie’s World

I tried to find the video of everyone dressed as this adorable, much nicer than the other ones, Christmas/Epiphany good witch but I couldn’t really find it. Here’s the wikipedia link though, and also another article about it as well! Also, here’s an event page for the “kids meet Befana” day in Bologna which I thought was cute.

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