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76 – The Flatwoods Monster & Griffith Park

We embrace technology in order to discuss stinky aliens, possible cryptids, ostrich ghosts, and our never-ending love for Netflix.

Resources for The Flatwoods Monster

via The Flatwoods Monster Museum

I did all of my Flatwoods research by reading this and this and watching this. What do you think? Alien, cryptid, owl, or something else?

via Charleston Daily Mail

Resources for Griffith Park

Okay so here’s the wiki for Griffith J. Griffith, and an article about all the weird shit in the park itself. Here’s the article with the eyewitness account of the ‘dragons’ and this silhouette chart (below). Below that chart is the adorable ceremony in Griffith Observatory where people chant “Dragons Be Gone” (THE PARKS DEPT GUY IS DRESSED IN A WIZARD OUTFIT!).

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