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77 – Edward Mordrake & Gef the Talking Mongoose

We make each other laugh in this fun episode about an unreal medical mystery and the eighth wonder of the world.

Resources for Edward Mordrake

As always, lets start with the wikipedia link. Ashley mentioned Snopes, and in fact it does have a Snopes article. Also this and this mention the fakeness of the mummified heads (pictured below) and finally, for an element of bizarre cuteness, I’ve added a video of Frank and Louie, the Janus cat who lived to be 15 years old.

Resources for Gef the Talking Mongoose

via Hypnogoria

This is now officially a podcast about Gef. We’re changing the name to “That’s Gef”. Get used to it. He’s the best/weirdest. Do you think he was a ghost or a real creature? Let us know!

via Neoseeker

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