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79 – Alien Blood & The Bell Witch

We’ll have you repeating the word “yikes” by the end of this episode. Happy April Fools’ Day!

Resources for Alien Blood

Here’s a wiki link about RH blood typing to get the real science out of the way quick. Now HERE is the article with the quote from Lisa Starr and HERE is the article with the infuriating tone about pregnancy. Also this article is about the connection of Rh negative blood type with the paranormal and this one is a little of both and talks about certain “traits” that are supposedly associated with Rh- blood type.

Resources for The Bell Witch


As this is one of the most famous hauntings in America, you can find a ton of articles about it online. These are the sources I used.

Somehow I forgot to mention this on the episode, but apparently a man tried to kill The Bell Witch by wrapping her in a blanket and throwing her into the fire. It didn’t work.

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