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80 – The Fiji Mermaid & LA’s Lizard People

We dive into some murky waters with tales about scales and we briefly talk about the new Sabrina and Game of Thrones!

Resources for The Fiji/Feejee Mermaid

via Ancient Origins

The Fiji Mermaid or “Monkeyfish” as I like to call it looks so sad. I hate it. You can read the wiki here, but I got a lot of my information from this article. Don’t forget to send us photos of your local monkey/fish/mermaid creature!

Resources for LA’s Lizard People

Okay so, here’s an article from a website called “” that talks about the LA times article, which is why I’m pretty sure it has something to do with the broader “lizard people” conspiracy. Also here’s a wiki article on Reptilian Humaniods where I got most of my random tidbits of information about lizard people. Here’s a link to the LA times throwback article to read the original article in it’s entirety. Aaaand below you’ll see a map of the underground lair of the lizard people in LA which I got from this website, but also it’s just a part of the article I’m pretty sure.

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