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82 – Chernobyl & Skin Hunters

We go from a catastrophic nuclear accident to the topic of grave robbers in this one. Death is weird, right? Also it’s our first Weird Wednesday release day!

Resources for Chernobyl

Creepy abandoned bumper cars in Pripyat via Igor Kostin/Getty Images

Chernobyl is a sad story with a lot of weird elements. From government conspiracy to radiation deaths to animal mutation… it’s fucking wild.

“The Elephant’s Foot” via Atlas Obscura

I got all of my info for this topic from wiki and M.U. – click to read more.

Just some stray dogs playing in front of a nuclear power plant. NBD. This is what Chernobyl’s like today via SERGEI SUPINSKY/AFP/Getty Images

Resources for Skin Hunters

Here’s a wikipedia article where I found out that they were called SKIN HUNTERS and here’s a news article about the murders. Here’s a wiki and an article about Burke and Hare and BELOW is a trailer for the movie about Burke and Hare.

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