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84 – Starvation Heights & The Venus Case

We get conned by a Washington doctor and a cop from New Zealand, but first we discuss our love for Keanu Reeves. It’s another episode of That’s Weird!

Resources for Starvation Heights

Linda Hazzard via The Criminal Code

Can you believe this lady? She was pretty friggen terrible and the land where she used to live gives off some very spoopy vibes!

This is the grave of the little girl who died on my birthday and around the time Hazzard was “treating” patients…

Resources for The Venus Case

Here is where I found the copy of the letter that was sent to the paper, this is an article about how the family felt about the movie that was being made and of course, if you’re in the US and maybe other places, you can fine True Crime, episode one “Venus and Mars” on Netflix. It was pretty good tbh. Also below is a pic of the super cute dog from one of the articles about the subject.

Copy of New Zealand Herald newspaper front page dated Thursday 28 November 1996. 7 August 2015 Herald on Sunday Photograph by Doug Sherring

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