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85 – Plum Island & The Loveland Frog

We’re back on our bullshit with an East Coast conspiracy theory and a sparkly cryptid sighting.

Resources for Plum Island

Here’s the wiki for the Plum Island Animal Disease Center, here is a NY Times article about it, this one is a Long Island based newspaper’s article although there is a lot of overlap with the NY Times one. This and This is where you can read more about conspiracy theories from people who believe in them and below you will see a video where a guy on a discovery channel show takes a helicopter to check it all out!

Resources for The Loveland Frog

via Tim Bertelink

Get a look at this big ass frog! Was it just an iguana without a tail? Or could it be some kind of mutant created by that pesky boot factory? Either way it’s a fun cryptid tale, so we had to cover it. Watch the video from 2016 here and read my sources here and here.

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