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87 – The 27 Club & Lady of the Dunes

We sneeze our way around the topic of death in this one, but first we get caught up on mercury retrograde and Area 51 memes. Skip the first 14 minutes if you just want the good stuff. (CW: suicide and murder)

The 27 Club

Here’s a link to Robert Johnson’s wiki page, also an article about other musicians rumoured to have sold their souls to the devil. This wiki page will tell you EVERY member of the 27 club and also how they died. This is a neat article about the statistics involved in the 27 club and here’s where I got a nice little list of the theories behind it.

The Lady of the Dunes

RIP Lady of the Dunes (pic via Find A Grave)

This sad mystery is still ongoing. I got my background research from here and the latest update from here. Have you ever seen this woman? Do you think she was really in the movie JAWS?

Here’s the most popular composite of the unidentified woman (L) next to a screen grab of the extra in Jaws (R)

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