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89 – MKUltra & The Barksdale Bubble

We get a little vulgar for Kristy’s birthday-sode about trippy government studies and conspiracy theories galore. It’s another episode of That’s Weird!

Resources for MKUltra

Here’s an article with most of the victims I talked about, here’s another article that talks about the history of MKUltra. Here’s the conspiracy wiki where it goes off the rails. And of course, the Wikipedia entry! I’m also gonna post a video of part of Reefer Madness because it tickles me and also, if this is what some people thought of weed at that time, imagine how they felt being dosed with LSD, not knowing what it was and without their knowledge or consent! For reference, this film was made in 1936, LSD was created in 1938, a little over ten years later it started being used in testing for MKUltra and it was classified as controlled substance in 1971.

Resources for The Barksdale Bubble

Images of “the bubble” via K945

This rumor turned conspiracy theory out of Louisiana sure is a wild one! I read these blogs, these reddit comments, and these tweets to get my info. Then I did my concrete research here. Oh and that awesome local shirt I mentioned? That can be found here.

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