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90 – Murder at the South Pole & Cannibal Island

We take a trip to a couple of the world’s most remote locations to talk about a scientist getting poisoned and some brutal Russian history. It’s another episode of That’s Weird!

Resources for Murder at the South Pole

Here’s a picture of Rodney at work via YouTube and allthatsinteresting

I got a lot of my information from this great Mental Floss article, but also a little bit from here and here. What do you think happened to Rodney Marks? Was he poisoned? And if so, who wanted him dead? Hopefully someday we’ll get answers…

Resources for Cannibal Island

Here’s, of course, the wikipedia page. Here is an article with some pictures and here is where I found those wild interview quotes. Also, as consolation, I’ve placed below a picture of hot, young Stalin, and also an adorable scientific animal meme.

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