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91 – Missing Agatha Christie & The Lone Gunmen’s 9/11

We finalize our Halloween plans, investigate a mystery that’s one for the books, and discuss TV shows that have predicted the future. It’s another episode of That’s Weird!

Resources for Missing Agatha Christie

For my first exhibit, I submit the wiki entry on Agatha Christie. Also this article gives a pretty good play by play of the events. For more information on Spiritism re: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, please review our episodes on the Fox sisters and also the one about Helen Duncan. Also, not gonna lie, I got a lot of information from the Drunk History episode about it, which you can watch below on youtube!

Resources for The Lone Gunmen’s 9/11

I love these dudes in The X-Files, but on their own show? Not so much. Sorry!

I got my info on TLG’s “Pilot” episode from here and here. And you can watch some clips from it over on YouTube.

If you want to read more about poor Henry Siwiak and his unsolved murder – click here.

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