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93 – The Real Headless Horseman & The Salem Witch Trials

We dive deep into the spooky history archives on this one! It’s almost Halloween, weirdos!!! Let’s get spooped. 

Resources for The Real Headless Horseman

Here are the Wikipedia pages for: The Dulluhan, The Headless Horseman, Washington Irving. And here is where you can see more about the actual hill that the possible real headless horseman died on. Also THIS is a little more in depth of an article about what maybe inspired the story of the Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

Resources for The Salem Witch Trials

These trials were wild as fuck!

Were there actual witches in Salem back in the day? Or did everyone get poisoned by some bread and become hysterical? I don’t know, but I got all of my info from the smart people here, here, and here.

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