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98 – The Molasses Flood & Jonestown

We kick off the new year with a really big, bittersweet announcement. Then we massacre a couple of wild stories. Yup, it’s another episode of That’s Weird!

Resources for The Molasses Flood

A look at the aftermath of the flood via

I got most of my information about the “Molassacre” from here and here. Can you imagine a 25 foot wave of something thicker than syrup coming your way? NO THANKS!

Resources for Jonestown

Here’s that wiki link because we know you want it, here’s an overview from another article which included some of the weirder facts (like the pet monkey) and HERE is that article that talked about the lesser known stories coming from Jonestown survivors. If you want to hear “THE TAPE” it’s right there in the wiki article.

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