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99 – The Lindbergh Baby & Mel’s Hole

We make a lot of really bad jokes in this one. Yup, it’s another episode of That’s Weird!

Resources for The Lindbergh Baby Kidnapping

Here is the wiki page (obviously), here is an article that goes into more details about alternate theories of who did it, THIS is a link that doesn’t work anymore about someone claiming to be the Lindbergh baby and HERE is that Reddit post about this topic as it relates to the Mandela Effect. ALSO, see below to watch that wild 1940s news video.

Resources for Mel’s Hole/Devil’s Hole

Do you know where Mel’s hole is?

I got all of my info about this ding, dang, magical hole from here and here. And for more details on the Devil’s Hole in Nevada, click this.

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