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4 – Kenneth Arnold & The Bielefeld Conspiracy

Resources for Kenneth Arnold

Some great photos from and also the Tulsa Daily World:

A great, in depth article about Kenneth Arnold and this history of UFOs. 

Resources for The Bielefeld Conspiracy

Depending on your point of view, this video from Bielefeld’s website about tourism is either proof of their existence, or propaganda made from stock footage:

To be honest, it looks a lot like stock footage, but at least we finally know how to pronounce the name?

The Wikipedia entry for the conspiracy and for the city itself (if it indeed exists).

And, of course, that picture of the “market place” in Bielefeld that really looks like a stock image.

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  1. Emma Kirchmeyer July 23, 2018

    Bielefeld has it’s own website and webcams. It’s either really well covered up or it’s a real thing. It was really interesting to listen to this podcast. 🙂

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